Industrial Projects

A productivity powerhouse

Leveraging profound insights into the Sydney market, Leda's Industrial Division has pioneered Australia’s industrial landscape.

Leda has earned an undisputed reputation for astute investment decisions and distinguished industrial developments. Grounded in meticulously executed strategies, our commitment to excellence is reflected in a track record that defines industry standards. Emphasising targeted projects within established markets, our focus extends to meeting the nuanced requirements of a diverse array of end users, with a particular emphasis on small to medium-sized enterprises.

By aligning with genuine demand, we steer clear of speculative acquisitions that might compromise the value of prime industrial assets. Proactive portfolio management is a cornerstone of our approach – older holdings are systematically divested or developed depending on market conditions at the time, while prime holdings are strategically leased. This dynamic strategy not only enhances income streams but also fortifies our ability to secure robust and high-performing industrial investments, further solidifying our corporate standing in the industrial landscape.

Current Projects

Owned & Managed by LEDA

Past Projects

31 Bay Road

Taren Point, NSW

8-18 Wurrook Circuit

Caringbah, NSW

39 Herbert Street

St Leonards, NSW