About Us

At Leda, we have forged a reputation as one of Australia’s leading privately-owned development companies.

With decades of investment and delivery of some of the country’s major projects, we have played an important role in helping to shape the real estate landscape to what it is today.

Since our establishment in 1976, we’ve built a strong reputation in property investment and development with a breadth of credentials spanning the entire property spectrum — from the delivery of new residential spaces to the intricacies of master planned communities.

What truly matters to us is creating lasting projects that serve as the cornerstone to each individual sector. We strive to bring quality, innovation, technology, and sustainability to each project, to ensure their endurance into the future.

Bob Ell

Bob Ell, the visionary founder of Leda, continues to lead as our Executive Chairman. His acumen in investment, deep sector knowledge, and unwavering passion for development has laid the foundation for the remarkable success the company enjoys today.

managing director
Rob Ell

For over three decades, Rob Ell has been an integral part of the leadership alongside his father. Rob's enduring passion for development and his forward-thinking vision for a sustainable future has been instrumental in maintaining our success within the evolving real estate landscape.

Today, our projects span throughout NSW, QLD and the ACT, with our investments and developments to date surpassing $6.5 billion. Our corporate vision is unwavering, dedicated to the continual development of high-quality projects and the ongoing commitment to help shape sustainable communities that stand the test of time.

"Our passion lies in embracing the challenge of shaping tomorrow."